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David Tennant

David Tennant was the 10th actor to play The Doctor.

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Doctor Who Regeneration

Dates as Doctor Who

First Episode
18th June 2005
Last Episode
1st January 2010


Rose Tyler
Played by Billie Piper

Captain Jack Harkness
Played by John Barrowman

Mickey Smith
Played by Noel Clarke

Donna Noble
Played by Catherine Tate

Dr. Martha Jones
Played by Freema Agyeman

Wilfred Mott
Played by Bernard Cribbins


Exerior of the TARDIS
Interrior console of the TARDIS

Sonic Screwdriver

The Sonic ScrewDriver


Season 2

The Christmas Invasion

Airdate: Sun, 25th December 2005


Christmas special 2005

New Earth

Airdate: Sat, 15th April 2006

Tooth and Claw

Airdate: Sat, 22nd April 2006

School Reunion

Airdate: Sat, 29th April 2006

The Girl in the Fireplace

Airdate: Sat, 6th May 2006

Rise of the Cybermen

Airdate: Sat, 13th May 2006

The Age of Steel

Airdate: Sat, 20th May 2006

The Idiot's Lantern

Airdate: Sat, 27th May 2006

The Impossible Planet

Airdate: Sat, 3rd June 2006

The Satan Pit

Airdate: Sat, 10th June 2006

Love & Monsters

Airdate: Sat, 17th June 2006

Fear Her

Airdate: Sat, 24th June 2006

Army of Ghosts

Airdate: Sat, 1st July 2006


Airdate: Sat, 8th July 2006

Season 3

The Runaway Bride

Airdate: Mon, 25th December 2006


Christmas special 2006

This Christmas Special features the first appearance of Catherine Tate as Donna Noble who later became a full time companion.

Smith and Jones

Airdate: Sat, 31st March 2007

The Shakespeare Code

Airdate: Sat, 7th April 2007


Airdate: Sat, 14th April 2007

Daleks in Manhattan

Airdate: Sat, 21st April 2007

Evolution of the Daleks

Airdate: Sat, 28th April 2007

The Lazarus Experiment

Airdate: Sat, 5th May 2007


Airdate: Sat, 19th May 2007

Human Nature

Airdate: Sat, 26th May 2007

The Family of Blood

Airdate: Sat, 2nd June 2007


Airdate: Sat, 9th June 2007


This is the first appearance of The Weeping Angels, considered the best new enemies in New Who.


Airdate: Sat, 16th June 2007

The Sound of Drums

Airdate: Sat, 23rd June 2007

Last of the Time Lords

Airdate: Sat, 30th June 2007

Season 4

Voyage of the Damned

Airdate: Tue, 25th December 2007


Christmas special 2007

Partners in Crime

Airdate: Sat, 5th April 2008

The Fires of Pompeii

Airdate: Sat, 12th April 2008

Planet of the Ood

Airdate: Sat, 19th April 2008

The Sontaran Stratagem

Airdate: Sat, 26th April 2008

The Poison Sky

Airdate: Sat, 3rd May 2008

The Doctor's Daughter

Airdate: Sat, 10th May 2008

The Unicorn and the Wasp

Airdate: Sat, 17th May 2008

Silence in the Library

Airdate: Sat, 31st May 2008


This is the first appearance of Alex Kingston as River Song who later became a regular companion of the Eleventh Doctor and appeared in a Christmas Special with the Twelfth Doctor.

Forest of the Dead

Airdate: Sat, 7th June 2008


Airdate: Sat, 14th June 2008

Turn Left

Airdate: Sat, 21st June 2008

The Stolen Earth

Airdate: Sat, 28th June 2008

Journey's End

Airdate: Sat, 5th July 2008


The Tenth Doctor regenerates into the Tenth Doctor.

As quoted by the Eleventh Doctor in The Time Of The Doctor - "Well, number ten once regenerated and kept the same face. I had vanity issues at the time."

The Next Doctor

Airdate: Thu, 25th December 2008


Christmas Special 2008

TV Speacial

Planet of the Dead

Airdate: Sat, 11th April 2009


TV special broadcast during 2009 when there was no regular season

The episode guest stars Michelle Ryan who plays Christina, a one off companion

TV Speacial

The Waters of Mars

Airdate: Sun, 15th November 2009


TV special broadcast during 2009 when there was no regular season

The episode guest stars Lindsay Duncan who plays Adelaide Brooke, a one off companion

TV Speacial

The End of Time, Part One

Airdate: Fri, 25th December 2009


Christmas special 2009

TV Speacial

The End of Time, Part Two

Airdate: Fri, 1st January 2010


New Year special 2010

The Tenth Doctor regenerates into the Eleventh Doctor.

His last words are "I Don't Want To Go"

TV Speacial

The Day of the Doctor

Airdate: Sat, 23rd November 2013


50th anniversary special

The War Doctor starts to regenerate into the Ninth Doctor. The full regeneration is never seen.

His last words are "I suppose it makes sense... wearing a bit thin. I hope the ears are a bit less conspicuous this time."

The "Webisode" titled The Last Day was released on the BBC iPlayer and Youtube during the build up for the 50th anniversary episode.

Tom Baker who played the Fourth Doctor makes a cameo appearance at the end of the episode as The Curator.