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Christopher Eccleston

Christopher Eccleston was the 9th actor to play The Doctor.

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Doctor Who Regeneration

Dates as Doctor Who

First Episode
26th March 2005
Last Episode
18th June 2005


Rose Tyler
Played by Billie Piper

Adam Mitchell
Played by Bruno Langley

Captain Jack Harkness
Played by John Barrowman


Exerior of the TARDIS
Interrior console of the TARDIS

Sonic Screwdriver

The Sonic ScrewDriver


Season 1


Airdate: Sat, 26th March 2005


Doctor Who returns to British TV after being off air for 16 years

The End of the World

Airdate: Sat, 2nd April 2005

The Unquiet Dead

Airdate: Sat, 9th April 2005

Aliens of London

Airdate: Sat, 16th April 2005

World War Three

Airdate: Sat, 23rd April 2005


Airdate: Sat, 30th April 2005

The Long Game

Airdate: Sat, 7th May 2005

Father's Day

Airdate: Sat, 14th May 2005

The Empty Child

Airdate: Sat, 21st May 2005


This is the first appearance of John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness who later appeared as the same character in the series Torchwood

This was the first episode of New Who written by Stephen Moffat although he had previously written a "spoof" episode for Comic Relief called The Curse of Fatal Death starring Rowan Atkinson as The Doctor.

Moffat would later go on to become head writer and executive producer of the series.

The Doctor Dances

Airdate: Sat, 28th May 2005

Boom Town

Airdate: Sat, 4th June 2005

Bad Wolf

Airdate: Sat, 11th June 2005

The Parting of the Ways

Airdate: Sat, 18th June 2005


The Ninth Doctor regenerates into the Tenth Doctor.

His last words are "Rose... Before I go, I just want to say you were fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. And you know what? So was I!"